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Snooze or News: AI to rank and rate your Press Release

2023 is the year of AI tools. Every day more are released. To help with finances. To slice and dice long-form videos. To summarize lengthy articles. To create art at the click of a button. 

These tools are all fabulous, and we are glad they are around. OpenAI’s API has transformed how quickly AI products can be conceived and brought to market. Generative AI is advancing society and its most important areas, like healthcare, where AI can detect early stages of cancer and other diseases. Professionals across disciplines have seemingly endless choices in tools that will accelerate their workflows and make their jobs easier. The question becomes, jeez, where to start? 

Look to Snooze or News, designed by PR professionals for PR professionals. 

At Zen Media, we recognize that determining the newsworthiness of a press release is like navigating a maze. It’s intricate, dependent on many unknown factors, and requires a sixth sense of sorts. With our decades of experience and tech-savvy team, we figured that there must be a way to translate our intimate knowledge of PR and newsworthiness into a tool that all businesses can use. 

So, we did. And that’s the story of how Snooze or News came into being. We believe that the best tech works hand-in-hand with the best humans. Snooze or News is the real-life example of technology leveraging data and years of industry experience.

The Need for Innovative Media Tools

Snooze or News is the first-of-its-kind press release AI tool that helps determine if an announcement is newsworthy. Our team at Zen Media trained the model based on decades of experience in the realm of B2B PR

To craft a press release that captures the essence of a company’s announcement takes a special touch. Even seasoned PR professionals might grapple with the question: Is this announcement newsworthy? We tracked that this is an industry-wide challenge and embarked on a mission to blend the power of generative AI with our combined experience. This AI press release tool is easy to use, intuitive, and logical. You will see when you use it that it scores a press release both quantitatively and qualitatively, with an X/100 score and the reasons behind it. 

Combining AI and Human Expertise

When we set out to build Snooze or News, we knew that it had to be a tool people would actually want to use—and trust using. As PR professionals, we know the ins and outs of both our and our partners’ most common challenges. For a press release tool to become a part of our workflow, it would need to act as a critique partner, creative advisor, and strategic planner all in one. By design, Snooze or News evaluates the newsworthiness of press releases and offers a comprehensive grade that empowers businesses to gauge the effectiveness of their announcements. What largely differentiates Snooze or News is how it approaches press release improvements. 

AI in this field is typically limited to grammar, style, and spelling corrections. This is important and needed, but not specific enough to address the concerns and proactively assist communications professionals. Something more reliable was needed. 

Snooze or News delves deeper than the basics of language. Combining AI algorithms with our teams’ knowledge and human intuition produced an incredible result. This AI press release tool offers a more holistic view of how a press release will be received based on all aspects of the content. Personalized suggestions help and empower strategic PR professionals to target their ideal audience and pitch to the best fit for a media outlet. 

The Power of AI-Driven Newsworthiness 

Why is it so groundbreaking that Snooze or News can predict the newsworthiness of an announcement? 

Rewind. What will resonate with audiences? What will capture attention? The answers to these questions are embedded in the skillset and intuition of a veteran industry professional. Even then, it takes a deep understanding of the dynamics of the media landscape to know what will land as intended. 

It used to be that communications professionals had one chance to release news to see how it would be received. Let’s say they posted it, deleted and then reposted it; it would obviously not have the same effect. Snooze or News effectively gives PR professionals the power to test news before it is released, put a second set of laser-focused eyes on an important press release, and maximize all the work put into it. Snooze or News solves the natural uncertainty that PR professionals experience when releasing an announcement, giving the priceless gifts of peace of mind and confidence. 

Empowering Confident Business Communication

Snooze or News represents a major shift in the world of media communication. This free AI press release tool evaluates and refines press releases. This is a major democratization in the arena of press releases because now businesses—including those without robust communications teams—can take advantage of the insights and experiences of PR professionals. Paired with AI, businesses are better equipped than ever to speak to their ideal audiences. In the words of our CEO and founder, Shama Hyder, “With our AI-powered press release tool, we believe companies will experience a dramatic improvement in reaching their customers and the media.”

Snooze or News is free for now. Anyone and everyone can take the tool for a spin. It scores your upcoming press release in under a minute for free, provides you with insights and tips, and is the AI press release tool that you didn’t know you needed. With this tool, the gaps between innovation and intuition are quickly bridged for your convenience.

Heard the news? Don’t Snooze!

We believe that the launch of the Snooze or News AI press release generator will bring PR professionals relief and excitement. Finally, a tool that is strategically “minded” and still data-driven. Press releases are all about cultivating a sense of excitement and impact. In the age of endless, nonstop information, effective communication with the right audiences is paramount. Snooze or News serves professionals as a new beacon in PR to help businesses navigate the vast media landscape.

Take Snooze or News for a spin today.