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16 Top Elementor YouTube Channels and Blogs to Follow

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Are you a new Elementor user, or do you already know the drill? Whatever the case, this article will be helpful for both advanced users and newbies since it reveals the list of top educational channels aiming to spread the know-how about building stunning websites with Elementor.

Below, I am going to look through the helpful sources with video and text content for Elementor users. I have analyzed different channels teaching how to work with Elementor and chose the 16 best according to the following criteria:

  • how many tutorials they house and whether they are really handy;
  • whether these tutorials and instructions are easy to follow and repeat;
  • audience activity represented by views and comments under the video;
  • whether WordPress users often mention these channels in their blogs, community forums, and professional resources.

Here are the best of the best, so grab some snacks and don’t miss a single bit.

Table of Contents

Before We Start

Before we start learning about Elementor channels, I warmly invite you to follow Crocoblock’s YouTube channel.

It is divided into several sections:

  • plugin tutorials;
  • detailed feature overviews;
  • tips & tricks;
  • troubleshooting;
  • use cases;
  • WordPress Web Agency AI Summit archive, where you can find many insights from expert speakers and guests.

By far, the channel has 280+ videos that help you master all the functionality of JetPlugins, Elementor, and WordPress. So, if you’re looking for ideas and expert opinions, feel free to explore.

Find out more about the Crocoblock YouTube channel.

Top 15 YouTube Channels About Elementor

Elementor YouTube Channel

platform where you can find detailed videos about this star page builder. This channel has 323K subscribers and presents varied technical cases of using Elementor. Besides, you will get practical knowledge about personal brands, Instagram, sales funnel, web design, and much more.

On Elementor’s official channel, experts in website building gladly share their experiences and practical tips with the audience. What is more, many of them tell the world about Crocoblock and JetPlugins, and we like that a lot!

The channel has the following playlists:

  • Elementor Hosting, which is dedicated to setting up hosting by Elementor;
  • Tips & Tricks, where you can find many helpful tutorials;
  • New Features, which tells about all the plugin updates;
  • Widget Tutorials;
  • Elementor Courses, which contain videos that help you complete a particular task using Elementor.

There is a separate section called 90:SEC Live Show. Here, they have collected broadcasts demonstrating how the Elementor team members try to solve different questions asked by users under 90 seconds.

New videos are added to the channel approximately once a week.

Ferdy Korpeshoek

Ferdy Korpeshoek, a YouTuber, makes videos about WordPress themes, Elementor use cases, WooCommerce, affiliate marketing, and SEO. He shares his lists of must-have add-ons for Elementor and life hacks for improving your online presence and competitiveness. His YouTube channel has 544K subscribers and is updated regularly.

Ferdy also makes video tutorials about Crocoblock and how to use it in conjunction with Elementor to boost any WordPress website. The comments speak for themselves:

“Crocoblock is quite literally steroids for elementor ” (GBNGames)

“Awesome tutorial Ferdy your videos are excellent.” (andylloyd8176)

Ferdy’s channel also has several playlists and covers a lot of different topics:

  • Complete Beginner Tutorials;
  • Affiliate Marketing Tutorials;
  • SEO Tools;
  • Elementor Pro Tutorials.


A whole bunch of educational and up-to-date videos by a Britishman can be found on the WPTutschannel. There are top-quality video guides on building and upgrading sites using different tools and plugins such as Elementor, WooCommerce, ACF, JetEngine, Visual Composer, Slider Revolution, etc. Paul Charlton, the face behind WPTuts, makes helpful videos for beginners and professionals. The new training videos are out regularly. Join a team of more than 159K subscribers!

Besides, we combined our powers and launched JetEngine from A to Z course, where Paul C explains how to deal with the most complicated and specific JetEngine features to help you master them. And some people kind of tap into the Zen of it:

“Very good tutorial as always.” (shapourh6516)

“Great video. Thank you!” (tommyd)

“Another excellent tutorial Paul, many thanks.” (ChristiaanKoppelaar)


Meet Rino de Boer, a Dutch YouTuber, whose passion for web design & development resulted in a fast-growing LivingWithPixels community. In his tutorial videos, Rino shows how to build and design websites without sweat. He cracks a whole bunch of tough issues like WordPress, Elementor Pro, WooCommerce, web design, Adobe XD, and – our personal fave – Crocoblock! Get subbed and enjoy quality content. The channel has 188K subscribers and two special sections, but new videos are posted in the general section.

Not only our team but also many developers all over the world are thankful for such tutorials:

“Hey Rino, I just wanted to say thanks for sharing so much with us! Im learning more with you than during courses honestly” (kauanyduarte7066)

“Hey, Rino! We need a second part of this project lol Your lessons are very concise and clear. Just thank you : )” (PedroAugusto-po2fr)

“excellent video.. thanks a lot.” (frontweb9984)


The key figure of WordPress education is WPCrafter.com, where Adam Preiser shares his knowledge about WordPress CMS. Look at his exceptional Elementor Page Builder playlist with 65 videos! Why is he so unique? Except for WordPress guides and tutorials, there are videos with the latest news and updates on the WordPress world. More than 247K subscribers, both newbies and experts, are passionate about his videos.

Darrel Wilson

Only a few people don’t know Darrel Wilson, an American who  regularly creates leading step-by-step tutorials on various topics, including Elementor and Crocoblock. There is a separate playlist with 20 Elementor-related videos, which is constantly updated and expanded. Around 397K people follow his channel and achieve unbelievable results!

If you find it challenging to digest his content in English, Darrel has created channels in five other languages, where he is gradually adding helpful content. Now, you can watch tutorials in Spanish, German, Portuguese, French, and Arabic.

Create a Pro Website

Create a Pro Website with Dale! Among his awesome WordPress tutorials, you can find the ones for Elementor users as well. Dale creates valuable content about making various website types and helps you understand how to make different design elements. So far, the channel has more than 393K subscribers, which does not surprise me because the content is interesting.


Meet Jeffrey, our next Elementor & Web Design expert! He has quality YouTube tutorials about web development, web design, Elementor related content. Lytbox also has a fast-developing Facebook community to help everyone build a website with Elementor page builder.

Subscribers love Jeffrey’s content and strongly support him in the comments:

“Love your content, mate Thanks for showing so much new stuff.” (stefanpfadt4353)

“LHey Jeffery, this was amazing, when are you doing another full design website redesign LIVE? They were very valuable!” (rodlivz)


Canada is in touch as well! WordPress Tutorials by WPLearningLab will teach you how to work with Elementor Pro step-by-step! Except for the videos we’ve already mentioned, you can easily find some useful tips on WordPress fundamentals, what theme to choose, how to increase the page speed, WordPress news, etc. And the most exciting thing is that this channel already has a lot of tutorials about using Elementor AI.  


Elementor360 YouTube channel provides recent news, reviews, tutorials, and interviews. It has 1,36K subscribers and 53 useful videos so far.

Wicky Design

Barbara and Mark host their Elementor YouTube channel. You’ll find tips and tricks, Elementor beginner tutorials, web agency advice, etc. I like this channel for  the easy-to-digest information. Additionally, Wicky Design showcases SEO tips for websites. All 462 videos are divided into categories, and it is easy for 14 thousand subscribers to find the required tutorial. The channel even has a separate section dedicated to Crocoblock.

Kaycinho The Digital Alchemist

Would you like to know more about earning with website building? Kaycinho is one of the best influencers who can teach you how to use WordPress and Elementor, organize your web design process, and create YouTube videos. His channel has almost 24 thousand subscribers and ten sections with different web design tips

Learn Elementor

Learn Elementor is a newly created YouTube channel with quick guides for Elementor users. The more followers, the more tutorials will appear, did you get the trick? 

WP Espresso

WP Espresso is a stylish YouTube channel about creating websites with Elementor. You’ll find all-encompassing guides about building niche websites like cryptocurrency and fitness, quick Elementor tricks and tips, web design ideas, etc. It has 51 videos about Elementor, so you can find many interesting ideas for your new project.

Mr Web

Mr Web helps you to build niche websites with Elementor page builder, provides tips for website building, covers top-notch product reviews, and shares business tips for launching a web agency. The channel also has several videos about using Crocoblock plugins, and users love them:

“Very actual topic.” (wpglob-wordpresstutorials)

“Thanks a lot David for this wonderful tutorial, covering all the plugins briefly.” (user-vt7yr2bq5e)

Dave Foy—Design Build Web

Dave Foy is another channel dedicated to design and WordPress, and its 18K subscribers

duly appreciate the content. Dave has moved to Bricks, but you can still find a lot of useful Elementor content on his channel. The detailed videos help you understand all the nuances of this visual page builder.

Make Dream Website

The Make Dream Website channel contains over 100 videos about web design and development. They are equally helpful to both beginners and real pros. The channel has 24.6K subscribers who actively discuss every new video.

The instructions are simple and easy to follow. For instance, check out how the host outlined the Stagger Animation feature use:

Useful Blogs About Elementor

Aside from YouTube channels, you can find multiple useful blogs about Elementor. Here are some I find attention-worthy.


Which-Addon.com lists over 16 Elementor add-ons and their 1600+ widgets in a clear table, including a live search function. Furthermore, all widgets can be filtered by category, so you can find the right add-on for almost any use case quickly and painlessly. Use this great tool to find the needed extension and bring your Elementor website to the next level.

We love traffic

Netherlands blog about Elementor, WordPress, marketing, and SEO. Their Elementor Manual becomes a handy helper in creating sites with Elementor. You’ll find out:

  • how to install Elementor;
  • how to work with pages & layouts;
  • the difference between Elementor Pro & Free;
  • Elementor pros & cons.

We Love Traffic has also been the best educational blog in the Netherlands for eight years.

Do you want to start a blog? Check out this article from Blogger Ideas on how to start a successful vlog with the best vlogging tools.


What is the best way to learn Elementor?

Elementor is a visual and intuitive constructor. You can watch videos on dedicated themed blogs to understand how it functions and then try to use it on your website.

Where can I learn Elementor?

You can do this by taking specialized courses, watching videos and reading blogs, or trying out a feature on your website.

Is Elementor hard to learn?

No. It is intuitive, and you can quickly understand its features.

Which YouTube channels are best for learning Elementor?

You can find many different channels that help you understand all the intricacies. My favorites are Ferdy Korpeshoek’s channel, WPTuts, and Crocoblock YouTube channel.

Sum Up

We’re lucky to have so many opportunities for professional development online, aren’t we? In case we missed your favorite Elementor educational source, drop us the link in the comments.