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WooCommerce: Anonymize All Users & Orders

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Especially when you need to let other people (such as developers) log in to your WooCommerce website, you may want to protect the identity of your customers and your order details.

Of course, anonymizing your WooCommerce backend requires a complete database override – this change is 100% irreversible! Only run this code if you know what you’re doing.

The ideal workflow is the following: you give developers access to a staging/clone website version, you run this custom code to anonymize customers and orders, and have them do the changes. This is good for GDPR, CRPA and PIPEDA as well: third party people won’t see sensitive data.

One more note: I haven’t tested the code with thousands of customers and orders – feel free to leave a comment in case your (staging) website crashes. Enjoy!

/** * @snippet Anonymize WooCommerce Users & Orders * @how-to Get CustomizeWoo.com FREE * @author Rodolfo Melogli * @compatible WooCommerce 7 * @donate $9 https://businessbloomer.com/bloomer-armada/ */ add_action( ‘admin_init’, ‘bbloomer_anonymize_woocommerce_users_orders’ ); function bbloomer_anonymize_woocommerce_users_orders() { if ( ! isset( $_REQUEST[‘bb-anonymize-woocommerce’] ) ) return; if ( ! current_user_can( ‘manage_woocommerce’ ) ) { wp_die( esc_html__( ‘You do not have permission to anonymize users and orders’, ‘woocommerce’ ) ); } $logger = wc_get_logger(); $anonymized_users = 0; // DONT ANONYMIZE ADMINS AND SHOP MANAGERS $users = get_users( array( ‘role__not_in’ => array( ‘administrator’, ‘shop_manager’ ), )); if ( ! empty( $users ) ) { global $wpdb; // DONT SEND EMAIL & PASSWORD CHANGE USER EMAILS add_filter( ‘send_email_change_email’, ‘__return_false’ ); add_filter( ‘send_password_change_email’, ‘__return_false’ ); $data = array( ‘billing_first_name’, ‘billing_last_name’, ‘billing_company’, ‘billing_address_1’, ‘billing_address_2’, ‘billing_phone’, ‘billing_email’, ‘shipping_first_name’, ‘shipping_last_name’, ‘shipping_company’, ‘shipping_address_1’, ‘shipping_address_2’, ‘shipping_phone’, ); foreach ( $users as $user ) { // SEE FUNCTION BELOW. THIS GENERATES RANDOM USER DATA $userdata = bbloomer_generate_random_user_details(); if ( ! empty( $userdata ) ) { $userdata[‘ID’] = $user->ID; $result = wp_update_user( $userdata ); if ( $result ) { $wpdb->update( $wpdb->users, [‘user_login’ => $userdata[‘user_email’]], [‘ID’ => $result], [‘%s’], [‘%d’] ); // ALSO ANONYMIZE WOOCOMMERCE USER ADDRESS $customer = new WC_Customer( $user->ID ); if ( $customer ) { foreach ( $data as $key ) { if ( is_callable( array( $customer, “set_{$key}” ) ) ) { if ( $key === ‘billing_email’ ) { $customer->{“set_{$key}”}( $userdata[‘user_email’] ); } else $customer->{“set_{$key}”}( ‘anon’ . rand( 0, 1000 ) ); } elseif ( 0 === stripos( $key, ‘billing_’ ) || 0 === stripos( $key, ‘shipping_’ ) ) { $customer->update_meta_data( $key, ‘anon’ . rand( 0, 1000 ) ); } } $customer->save(); } } $anonymized_users++; } } remove_filter( ‘send_email_change_email’, ‘__return_false’ ); remove_filter( ‘send_password_change_email’, ‘__return_false’ ); // TO ANONYMIZE ORDERS, LETS USE A CORE WOOCOMMERCE FUNCTION // BUT FIRST, LETS FORCE IT TO INCLUDE ALL ORDER STATUSES add_filter( ‘woocommerce_anonymize_completed_orders_query_args’, ‘bbloomer_remove_all_order_statuses_from_anonymize_query’, 9999 ); // AND SECOND, LETS FORCE IT TO ANONYMIZE ALL ORDER DATES add_filter( ‘pre_option_woocommerce_anonymize_completed_orders’, ‘bbloomer_set_option_woocommerce_anonymize_completed_orders’ ); $anonymized_orders = WC_Privacy::anonymize_completed_orders(); remove_filter( ‘pre_option_woocommerce_anonymize_completed_orders’, ‘bbloomer_set_option_woocommerce_anonymize_completed_orders’ ); remove_filter( ‘woocommerce_anonymize_completed_orders_query_args’, ‘bbloomer_remove_all_order_statuses_from_anonymize_query’, 9999 ); // LOGGING NO. OF ANONYMIZED USERS & ORDERS (WOOCOMMERCE > STATUS > LOGS > ANONYMIZE WOOCOMMERCE) $logger->info( $anonymized_users . ‘ users anonymized’, array( ‘source’ => ‘anonymize-woocommerce’ ) ); $logger->info( $anonymized_orders . ‘ orders anonymized’, array( ‘source’ => ‘anonymize-woocommerce’ ) ); } } // INCLUDE ALL ORDER STATUSES (WOOCOMMERCE ONLY ANONYMIZE COMPLETED ORDERS) function bbloomer_remove_all_order_statuses_from_anonymize_query( $args ) { $args[‘status’] = array_keys( wc_get_order_statuses() ); return $args; } // INCLUDE ALL ORDER DATES (WOOCOMMERCE SETTING OVERRIDE) function bbloomer_set_option_woocommerce_anonymize_completed_orders( $option ) { $option[‘number’] = 1; $option[‘unit’] = ‘days’; return $option; } // GENERATE RANDOM USER DATA function bbloomer_generate_random_user_details() { $first_names = array( ‘Allison’, ‘Arthur’, ‘Ana’, ‘Alex’, ‘Arlene’, ‘Alberto’, ‘Barry’, ‘Bertha’, ‘Bill’, ‘Bonnie’, ‘Bret’, ‘Beryl’, ‘Chantal’, ‘Cristobal’, ‘Claudette’, ‘Charley’, ‘Cindy’, ‘Chris’, ‘Dean’, ‘Dolly’, ‘Danny’, ‘Danielle’, ‘Dennis’, ‘Debby’, ‘Erin’, ‘Edouard’, ‘Erika’, ‘Earl’, ‘Emily’, ‘Ernesto’, ‘Felix’, ‘Fay’, ‘Fabian’, ‘Frances’, ‘Franklin’, ‘Florence’, ‘Gabielle’, ‘Gustav’, ‘Grace’, ‘Gaston’, ‘Gert’, ‘Gordon’, ‘Humberto’, ‘Hanna’, ‘Henri’, ‘Hermine’, ‘Harvey’, ‘Helene’, ‘Iris’, ‘Isidore’, ‘Isabel’, ‘Ivan’, ‘Irene’, ‘Isaac’, ‘Jerry’, ‘Josephine’, ‘Juan’, ‘Jeanne’, ‘Jose’, ‘Joyce’, ‘Karen’, ‘Kyle’, ‘Kate’, ‘Karl’, ‘Katrina’, ‘Kirk’, ‘Lorenzo’, ‘Lili’, ‘Larry’, ‘Lisa’, ‘Lee’, ‘Leslie’, ‘Michelle’, ‘Marco’, ‘Mindy’, ‘Maria’, ‘Michael’, ‘Noel’, ‘Nana’, ‘Nicholas’, ‘Nicole’, ‘Nate’, ‘Nadine’, ‘Olga’, ‘Omar’, ‘Odette’, ‘Otto’, ‘Ophelia’, ‘Oscar’, ‘Pablo’, ‘Paloma’, ‘Peter’, ‘Paula’, ‘Philippe’, ‘Patty’, ‘Rebekah’, ‘Rene’, ‘Rose’, ‘Richard’, ‘Rita’, ‘Rafael’, ‘Sebastien’, ‘Sally’, ‘Sam’, ‘Shary’, ‘Stan’, ‘Sandy’, ‘Tanya’, ‘Teddy’, ‘Teresa’, ‘Tomas’, ‘Tammy’, ‘Tony’, ‘Van’, ‘Vicky’, ‘Victor’, ‘Virginie’, ‘Vince’, ‘Valerie’, ‘Wendy’, ‘Wilfred’, ‘Wanda’, ‘Walter’, ‘Wilma’, ‘William’, ‘Kumiko’, ‘Aki’, ‘Miharu’, ‘Chiaki’, ‘Michiyo’, ‘Itoe’, ‘Nanaho’, ‘Reina’, ‘Emi’, ‘Yumi’, ‘Ayumi’, ‘Kaori’, ‘Sayuri’, ‘Rie’, ‘Miyuki’, ‘Hitomi’, ‘Naoko’, ‘Miwa’, ‘Etsuko’, ‘Akane’, ‘Kazuko’, ‘Miyako’, ‘Youko’, ‘Sachiko’, ‘Mieko’, ‘Toshie’, ‘Junko’ ); $last_names = array( ‘Abbott’, ‘Acevedo’, ‘Acosta’, ‘Adams’, ‘Adkins’, ‘Aguilar’, ‘Aguirre’, ‘Albert’, ‘Alexander’, ‘Alford’, ‘Allen’, ‘Allison’, ‘Alston’, ‘Alvarado’, ‘Alvarez’, ‘Anderson’, ‘Andrews’, ‘Anthony’, ‘Armstrong’, ‘Arnold’, ‘Ashley’, ‘Atkins’, ‘Atkinson’, ‘Austin’, ‘Avery’, ‘Avila’, ‘Ayala’, ‘Ayers’, ‘Bailey’, ‘Baird’, ‘Baker’, ‘Baldwin’, ‘Ball’, ‘Ballard’, ‘Banks’, ‘Barber’, ‘Barker’, ‘Barlow’, ‘Barnes’, ‘Barnett’, ‘Barr’, ‘Barrera’, ‘Barrett’, ‘Barron’, ‘Barry’, ‘Bartlett’, ‘Barton’, ‘Bass’, ‘Bates’, ‘Battle’, ‘Bauer’, ‘Baxter’, ‘Beach’, ‘Bean’, ‘Beard’, ‘Beasley’, ‘Beck’, ‘Becker’, ‘Bell’, ‘Bender’, ‘Benjamin’, ‘Bennett’, ‘Benson’, ‘Bentley’, ‘Benton’, ‘Berg’, ‘Berger’, ‘Bernard’, ‘Berry’, ‘Best’, ‘Bird’, ‘Bishop’, ‘Black’, ‘Blackburn’, ‘Blackwell’, ‘Blair’, ‘Blake’, ‘Blanchard’, ‘Blankenship’, ‘Blevins’, ‘Bolton’, ‘Bond’, ‘Bonner’, ‘Booker’, ‘Boone’, ‘Booth’, ‘Bowen’, ‘Bowers’, ‘Bowman’, ‘Boyd’, ‘Boyer’, ‘Boyle’, ‘Bradford’, ‘Bradley’, ‘Bradshaw’, ‘Brady’, ‘Branch’, ‘Bray’, ‘Brennan’, ‘Brewer’, ‘Bridges’, ‘Briggs’, ‘Bright’, ‘Britt’, ‘Brock’, ‘Brooks’, ‘Brown’, ‘Browning’, ‘Bruce’, ‘Bryan’, ‘Bryant’, ‘Buchanan’, ‘Buck’, ‘Buckley’, ‘Buckner’, ‘Bullock’, ‘Burch’, ‘Burgess’, ‘Burke’, ‘Burks’, ‘Burnett’, ‘Burns’, ‘Burris’, ‘Burt’, ‘Burton’, ‘Bush’, ‘Butler’, ‘Byers’, ‘Byrd’, ‘Cabrera’, ‘Cain’, ‘Calderon’, ‘Caldwell’, ‘Calhoun’, ‘Callahan’, ‘Camacho’, ‘Cameron’, ‘Campbell’, ‘Campos’, ‘Cannon’, ‘Cantrell’, ‘Cantu’, ‘Cardenas’, ‘Carey’, ‘Carlson’, ‘Carney’, ‘Carpenter’, ‘Carr’, ‘Carrillo’, ‘Carroll’, ‘Carson’, ‘Carter’, ‘Carver’, ‘Case’, ‘Casey’, ‘Cash’, ‘Castaneda’, ‘Castillo’, ‘Castro’, ‘Cervantes’, ‘Chambers’, ‘Chan’, ‘Chandler’, ‘Chaney’, ‘Chang’, ‘Chapman’, ‘Charles’, ‘Chase’, ‘Chavez’, ‘Chen’, ‘Cherry’, ‘Christensen’, ‘Christian’, ‘Church’, ‘Clark’, ‘Clarke’, ‘Clay’, ‘Clayton’, ‘Clements’, ‘Clemons’, ‘Cleveland’, ‘Cline’, ‘Cobb’, ‘Cochran’, ‘Coffey’, ‘Cohen’, ‘Cole’, ‘Coleman’, ‘Collier’, ‘Collins’, ‘Colon’, ‘Combs’, ‘Compton’, ‘Conley’, ‘Conner’, ‘Conrad’, ‘Contreras’, ‘Conway’, ‘Cook’, ‘Cooke’, ‘Cooley’, ‘Cooper’, ‘Copeland’, ‘Cortez’, ‘Cote’, ‘Cotton’, ‘Cox’, ‘Craft’, ‘Craig’, ‘Crane’, ‘Crawford’, ‘Crosby’, ‘Cross’, ‘Cruz’, ‘Cummings’, ‘Cunningham’, ‘Curry’, ‘Curtis’, ‘Dale’, ‘Dalton’, ‘Daniel’, ‘Daniels’, ‘Daugherty’, ‘Davenport’, ‘David’, ‘Davidson’, ‘Davis’, ‘Dawson’, ‘Day’, ‘Dean’, ‘Decker’, ‘Dejesus’, ‘Delacruz’, ‘Delaney’, ‘Deleon’, ‘Delgado’, ‘Dennis’, ‘Diaz’, ‘Dickerson’, ‘Dickson’, ‘Dillard’, ‘Dillon’, ‘Dixon’, ‘Dodson’, ‘Dominguez’, ‘Donaldson’, ‘Donovan’, ‘Dorsey’, ‘Dotson’, ‘Douglas’, ‘Downs’, ‘Doyle’, ‘Drake’, ‘Dudley’, ‘Duffy’, ‘Duke’, ‘Duncan’, ‘Dunlap’, ‘Dunn’, ‘Duran’, ‘Durham’, ‘Dyer’, ‘Eaton’, ‘Edwards’, ‘Elliott’, ‘Ellis’, ‘Ellison’, ‘Emerson’, ‘England’, ‘English’, ‘Erickson’, ‘Espinoza’, ‘Estes’, ‘Estrada’, ‘Evans’, ‘Everett’, ‘Ewing’, ‘Farley’, ‘Farmer’, ‘Farrell’, ‘Faulkner’, ‘Ferguson’, ‘Fernandez’, ‘Ferrell’, ‘Fields’, ‘Figueroa’, ‘Finch’, ‘Finley’, ‘Fischer’, ‘Fisher’, ‘Fitzgerald’, ‘Fitzpatrick’, ‘Fleming’, ‘Fletcher’, ‘Flores’, ‘Flowers’, ‘Floyd’, ‘Flynn’, ‘Foley’, ‘Forbes’, ‘Ford’, ‘Foreman’, ‘Foster’, ‘Fowler’, ‘Fox’, ‘Francis’, ‘Franco’, ‘Frank’, ‘Franklin’, ‘Franks’, ‘Frazier’, ‘Frederick’, ‘Freeman’, ‘French’, ‘Frost’, ‘Fry’, ‘Frye’, ‘Fuentes’, ‘Fuller’, ‘Fulton’, ‘Gaines’, ‘Gallagher’, ‘Gallegos’, ‘Galloway’, ‘Gamble’, ‘Garcia’, ‘Gardner’, ‘Garner’, ‘Garrett’, ‘Garrison’, ‘Garza’, ‘Gates’, ‘Gay’, ‘Gentry’, ‘George’, ‘Gibbs’, ‘Gibson’, ‘Gilbert’, ‘Giles’, ‘Gill’, ‘Gillespie’, ‘Gilliam’, ‘Gilmore’, ‘Glass’, ‘Glenn’, ‘Glover’, ‘Golden’, ‘Gomez’, ‘Gonzales’, ‘Gonzalez’, ‘Good’, ‘Goodman’, ‘Goodwin’, ‘Gordon’, ‘Gould’, ‘Graham’, ‘Grant’, ‘Graves’, ‘Gray’, ‘Green’, ‘Greene’, ‘Greer’, ‘Gregory’, ‘Griffin’, ‘Griffith’, ‘Grimes’, ‘Gross’, ‘Guerra’, ‘Guerrero’, ‘Guthrie’, ‘Gutierrez’, ‘Guy’, ‘Guzman’, ‘Hahn’, ‘Hale’, ‘Haley’, ‘Hall’, ‘Hamilton’, ‘Hammond’, ‘Hampton’, ‘Hancock’, ‘Haney’, ‘Hansen’, ‘Hanson’, ‘Hardin’, ‘Harding’, ‘Hardy’, ‘Harmon’, ‘Harper’, ‘Harrell’, ‘Harrington’, ‘Harris’, ‘Harrison’, ‘Hart’, ‘Hartman’, ‘Hatfield’, ‘Hawkins’, ‘Hayden’, ‘Hayes’, ‘Haynes’, ‘Hays’, ‘Head’, ‘Heath’, ‘Hebert’, ‘Henderson’, ‘Hendricks’, ‘Hendrix’, ‘Henry’, ‘Hensley’, ‘Henson’, ‘Herman’, ‘Hernandez’, ‘Herrera’, ‘Herring’, ‘Hess’, ‘Hester’, ‘Hewitt’, ‘Hickman’, ‘Hicks’, ‘Higgins’, ‘Hill’, ‘Hines’, ‘Hinton’, ‘Hobbs’, ‘Hodge’, ‘Hodges’, ‘Hoffman’, ‘Hogan’, ‘Holcomb’, ‘Holden’, ‘Holder’, ‘Holland’, ‘Holloway’, ‘Holman’, ‘Holmes’, ‘Hood’, ‘Hooper’, ‘Hoover’, ‘Hopkins’, ‘Hopper’, ‘Horn’, ‘Horne’, ‘Horton’, ‘House’, ‘Houston’, ‘Howard’, ‘Howe’, ‘Howell’, ‘Hubbard’, ‘Huber’, ‘Hudson’, ‘Huff’, ‘Huffman’, ‘Hughes’, ‘Hull’, ‘Humphrey’, ‘Hunt’, ‘Hunter’, ‘Hurley’, ‘Hurst’, ‘Hutchinson’, ‘Hyde’, ‘Ingram’, ‘Irwin’, ‘Jackson’, ‘Jacobson’, ‘James’, ‘Jarvis’, ‘Jefferson’, ‘Jenkins’, ‘Jennings’, ‘Jensen’, ‘Jimenez’, ‘Johns’, ‘Johnson’, ‘Johnston’, ‘Jones’, ‘Jordan’, ‘Joseph’, ‘Joyce’, ‘Joyner’, ‘Juarez’, ‘Justice’, ‘Kane’, ‘Kaufman’, ‘Keith’, ‘Keller’, ‘Kelley’, ‘Kelly’, ‘Kemp’, ‘Kennedy’, ‘Kent’, ‘Kerr’, ‘Key’, ‘Kidd’, ‘Kim’, ‘King’, ‘Kinney’, ‘Kirby’, ‘Kirk’, ‘Kirkland’, ‘Klein’, ‘Kline’, ‘Knapp’, ‘Knight’, ‘Knowles’, ‘Knox’, ‘Koch’, ‘Kramer’, ‘Lamb’, ‘Lambert’, ‘Lancaster’, ‘Landry’, ‘Lane’, ‘Lang’, ‘Langley’, ‘Lara’, ‘Larsen’, ‘Larson’, ‘Lawrence’, ‘Lawson’, ‘Le’, ‘Leach’, ‘Leblanc’, ‘Lee’, ‘Leon’, ‘Leonard’, ‘Lester’, ‘Levine’, ‘Levy’, ‘Lewis’, ‘Lindsay’, ‘Lindsey’, ‘Little’, ‘Livingston’, ‘Lloyd’, ‘Logan’, ‘Long’, ‘Lopez’, ‘Lott’, ‘Love’, ‘Lowe’, ‘Lowery’, ‘Lucas’, ‘Luna’, ‘Lynch’, ‘Lynn’, ‘Lyons’, ‘Macdonald’, ‘Macias’, ‘Mack’, ‘Madden’, ‘Maddox’, ‘Maldonado’, ‘Malone’, ‘Mann’, ‘Manning’, ‘Marks’, ‘Marquez’, ‘Marsh’, ‘Marshall’, ‘Martin’, ‘Martinez’, ‘Mason’, ‘Massey’, ‘Mathews’, ‘Mathis’, ‘Matthews’, ‘Maxwell’, ‘May’, ‘Mayer’, ‘Maynard’, ‘Mayo’, ‘Mays’, ‘Mcbride’, ‘Mccall’, ‘Mccarthy’, ‘Mccarty’, ‘Mcclain’, ‘Mcclure’, ‘Mcconnell’, ‘Mccormick’, ‘Mccoy’, ‘Mccray’, ‘Mccullough’, ‘Mcdaniel’, ‘Mcdonald’, ‘Mcdowell’, ‘Mcfadden’, ‘Mcfarland’, ‘Mcgee’, ‘Mcgowan’, ‘Mcguire’, ‘Mcintosh’, ‘Mcintyre’, ‘Mckay’, ‘Mckee’, ‘Mckenzie’, ‘Mckinney’, ‘Mcknight’, ‘Mclaughlin’, ‘Mclean’, ‘Mcleod’, ‘Mcmahon’, ‘Mcmillan’, ‘Mcneil’, ‘Mcpherson’, ‘Meadows’, ‘Medina’, ‘Mejia’, ‘Melendez’, ‘Melton’, ‘Mendez’, ‘Mendoza’, ‘Mercado’, ‘Mercer’, ‘Merrill’, ‘Merritt’, ‘Meyer’, ‘Meyers’, ‘Michael’, ‘Middleton’, ‘Miles’, ‘Miller’, ‘Mills’, ‘Miranda’, ‘Mitchell’, ‘Molina’, ‘Monroe’, ‘Montgomery’, ‘Montoya’, ‘Moody’, ‘Moon’, ‘Mooney’, ‘Moore’, ‘Morales’, ‘Moran’, ‘Moreno’, ‘Morgan’, ‘Morin’, ‘Morris’, ‘Morrison’, ‘Morrow’, ‘Morse’, ‘Morton’, ‘Moses’, ‘Mosley’, ‘Moss’, ‘Mueller’, ‘Mullen’, ‘Mullins’, ‘Munoz’, ‘Murphy’, ‘Murray’, ‘Myers’, ‘Nash’, ‘Navarro’, ‘Neal’, ‘Nelson’, ‘Newman’, ‘Newton’, ‘Nguyen’, ‘Nichols’, ‘Nicholson’, ‘Nielsen’, ‘Nieves’, ‘Nixon’, ‘Noble’, ‘Noel’, ‘Nolan’, ‘Norman’, ‘Norris’, ‘Norton’, ‘Nunez’, ‘Obrien’, ‘Ochoa’, ‘Oconnor’, ‘Odom’, ‘Odonnell’, ‘Oliver’, ‘Olsen’, ‘Olson’, ‘Oneal’, ‘Oneil’, ‘Oneill’, ‘Orr’, ‘Ortega’, ‘Ortiz’, ‘Osborn’, ‘Osborne’, ‘Owen’, ‘Owens’, ‘Pace’, ‘Pacheco’, ‘Padilla’, ‘Page’, ‘Palmer’, ‘Park’, ‘Parker’, ‘Parks’, ‘Parrish’, ‘Parsons’, ‘Pate’, ‘Patel’, ‘Patrick’, ‘Patterson’, ‘Patton’, ‘Paul’, ‘Payne’, ‘Pearson’, ‘Peck’, ‘Pena’, ‘Pennington’, ‘Perez’, ‘Perkins’, ‘Perry’, ‘Peters’, ‘Petersen’, ‘Peterson’, ‘Petty’, ‘Phelps’, ‘Phillips’, ‘Pickett’, ‘Pierce’, ‘Pittman’, ‘Pitts’, ‘Pollard’, ‘Poole’, ‘Pope’, ‘Porter’, ‘Potter’, ‘Potts’, ‘Powell’, ‘Powers’, ‘Pratt’, ‘Preston’, ‘Price’, ‘Prince’, ‘Pruitt’, ‘Puckett’, ‘Pugh’, ‘Quinn’, ‘Ramirez’, ‘Ramos’, ‘Ramsey’, ‘Randall’, ‘Randolph’, ‘Rasmussen’, ‘Ratliff’, ‘Ray’, ‘Raymond’, ‘Reed’, ‘Reese’, ‘Reeves’, ‘Reid’, ‘Reilly’, ‘Reyes’, ‘Reynolds’, ‘Rhodes’, ‘Rice’, ‘Rich’, ‘Richard’, ‘Richards’, ‘Richardson’, ‘Richmond’, ‘Riddle’, ‘Riggs’, ‘Riley’, ‘Rios’, ‘Rivas’, ‘Rivera’, ‘Rivers’, ‘Roach’, ‘Robbins’, ‘Roberson’, ‘Roberts’, ‘Robertson’, ‘Robinson’, ‘Robles’, ‘Rocha’, ‘Rodgers’, ‘Rodriguez’, ‘Rodriquez’, ‘Rogers’, ‘Rojas’, ‘Rollins’, ‘Roman’, ‘Romero’, ‘Rosa’, ‘Rosales’, ‘Rosario’, ‘Rose’, ‘Ross’, ‘Roth’, ‘Rowe’, ‘Rowland’, ‘Roy’, ‘Ruiz’, ‘Rush’, ‘Russell’, ‘Russo’, ‘Rutledge’, ‘Ryan’, ‘Salazar’, ‘Salinas’, ‘Sampson’, ‘Sanchez’, ‘Sanders’, ‘Sandoval’, ‘Sanford’, ‘Santana’, ‘Santiago’, ‘Santos’, ‘Sargent’, ‘Saunders’, ‘Savage’, ‘Sawyer’, ‘Schmidt’, ‘Schneider’, ‘Schroeder’, ‘Schultz’, ‘Schwartz’, ‘Scott’, ‘Sears’, ‘Sellers’, ‘Serrano’, ‘Sexton’, ‘Shaffer’, ‘Shannon’, ‘Sharp’, ‘Sharpe’, ‘Shaw’, ‘Shelton’, ‘Shepard’, ‘Shepherd’, ‘Sheppard’, ‘Sherman’, ‘Shields’, ‘Short’, ‘Silva’, ‘Simmons’, ‘Simon’, ‘Simpson’, ‘Sims’, ‘Singleton’, ‘Skinner’, ‘Slater’, ‘Sloan’, ‘Small’, ‘Smith’, ‘Snider’, ‘Snow’, ‘Solomon’, ‘Sosa’, ‘Soto’, ‘Sparks’, ‘Spears’, ‘Spence’, ‘Spencer’, ‘Stafford’, ‘Stanley’, ‘Stanton’, ‘Stark’, ‘Steele’, ‘Stein’, ‘Stephens’, ‘Stephenson’, ‘Stevens’, ‘Stevenson’, ‘Stewart’, ‘Stokes’, ‘Stone’, ‘Stout’, ‘Strickland’, ‘Strong’, ‘Stuart’, ‘Suarez’, ‘Sullivan’, ‘Summers’, ‘Sutton’, ‘Swanson’, ‘Talley’, ‘Tanner’, ‘Tate’, ‘Taylor’, ‘Terrell’, ‘Terry’, ‘Thomas’, ‘Thompson’, ‘Thornton’, ‘Tillman’, ‘Todd’, ‘Torres’, ‘Townsend’, ‘Tran’, ‘Travis’, ‘Trevino’, ‘Trujillo’, ‘Tucker’, ‘Turner’, ‘Tyler’, ‘Tyson’, ‘Underwood’, ‘Valdez’, ‘Valencia’, ‘Valentine’, ‘Valenzuela’, ‘Vance’, ‘Vang’, ‘Vargas’, ‘Vasquez’, ‘Vaughan’, ‘Vaughn’, ‘Vazquez’, ‘Vega’, ‘Velasquez’, ‘Velazquez’, ‘Velez’, ‘Villarreal’, ‘Vincent’, ‘Vinson’, ‘Wade’, ‘Wagner’, ‘Walker’, ‘Wall’, ‘Wallace’, ‘Waller’, ‘Walls’, ‘Walsh’, ‘Walter’, ‘Walters’, ‘Walton’, ‘Ward’, ‘Ware’, ‘Warner’, ‘Warren’, ‘Washington’, ‘Waters’, ‘Watkins’, ‘Watson’, ‘Watts’, ‘Webb’, ‘Weber’, ‘Webster’, ‘Weeks’, ‘Weiss’, ‘Wells’, ‘West’, ‘Wheeler’, ‘Whitaker’, ‘White’, ‘Whitehead’, ‘Whitfield’, ‘Whitley’, ‘Whitney’, ‘Wiggins’, ‘Wilcox’, ‘Wilder’, ‘Wiley’, ‘Wilkerson’, ‘Wilkins’, ‘Wilkinson’, ‘William’, ‘Williams’, ‘Williamson’, ‘Willis’, ‘Wilson’, ‘Winters’, ‘Wise’, ‘Witt’, ‘Wolfe’, ‘Wong’, ‘Wood’, ‘Woodard’, ‘Woods’, ‘Woodward’, ‘Wooten’, ‘Wright’, ‘Wyatt’, ‘Wynn’, ‘Yang’, ‘Yates’, ‘York’, ‘Young’, ‘Zimmerman’ ); $user = array(); $user[‘first_name’] = $first_names[array_rand( $first_names )]; $user[‘last_name’] = $last_names[array_rand( $last_names )]; $user[’email’] = strtolower( $user[‘first_name’] . “-” . $user[‘last_name’] . “-” . rand( 0, 1000 ) . “@” . rand( 10, 1000 ) . “.com” ); $userdata = array( ‘user_login’ => $user[’email’], ‘user_email’ => $user[’email’], ‘first_name’ => $user[‘first_name’], ‘last_name’ => $user[‘last_name’], ‘display_name’ => $user[‘first_name’] . ” ” . $user[‘last_name’], ‘nickname’ => $user[‘first_name’] . ” ” . $user[‘last_name’], ‘user_nicename’ => strtolower( $user[‘first_name’] ) . “-” . strtolower( $user[‘last_name’] ), ‘user_pass’ => wp_generate_password(), ); return $userdata; }