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WPMarmite celebrates its 12th anniversary (with a contest)

Well… The little blog that was launched in 2011 has grown up quite a bit!

That’s what I tell myself every time I write these anniversary posts and annual reviews.

And like every other time, I have 10,000 things to tell you! But don’t worry, I’ve already put forth plenty of information on the web. So I’ll concentrate on the essentials in this article, namely:

  • Highlights from 2022 and our goals for 2023
  • WPMarmite’s business figures in full transparency
  • A raffle to celebrate another year around the sun

Let’s get to it without further ado!

WPMarmite’s Year 2022

First, you can read WPMarmite’s 2022 year in review article published in early January. I go back point by point over everything that happened during that year by addressing:

  • WPMarmite’s free/premium content
  • Our international development
  • The expansion of our network of sites (with the launch of WPTurbo)
  • The evolution of the team

For 2023, I set the following goals:

  • Keep going on our training courses (offered in French)
  • Optimize our ecommerce and email conversion
  • Launch two new products
  • Experiment with new formats like TikTok
  • Reach 100k unique monthly visitors
  • Launch the Pro version of WPTurbo
  • Organize the Marmite 2023 Summit (our internal seminar)

That’s it for the quick recap, in case you missed it.

Now, let’s get down to business with…

The numbers for 2022

In the article on the 11th anniversary of WPMarmite, I had estimated that the turnover of 2021 would be a little lower than the peak experienced in 2020.

I was expecting this, but when I got the final numbers, I was stunned. Yes, we made $80k less than expected and the profit was negative. This had never happened to me before. You could say it stings.

Here’s what it looks like visually (the transparent bars are projections for 2021):

WPMarmite’s sales and profit trend

Fortunately, the company was strong enough to withstand this shock. With some adjustments and a lot of hard work, we should reach the 2021 projections… in 2022!

So how did we get back into the black? Well, for one thing…

  • We launched a new product, our famous SEO training (in French) that I talk about regularly
  • We got the investments in our network under control (maintenance of WPMarmite and BeautifulPress as well as the launch of WPTurbo)
  • We had to stop or limit collaborations with service providers to focus on what was most important (Cynthia left the team, too, but that wasn’t planned)
  • We’ve continued our international development, although it hasn’t materialized yet in terms of revenues (this investment is essential in my eyes for the future of WPMarmite)
  • We’ve been aided by different specialists to become better
  • Our tax returns gave us back the overpayment from 2021 (based on the excellent results of 2020)

Yeah, the entrepreneurial adventure is not a long quiet river! It’s still exciting and very thrilling though.

Let’s move on to the statistics:

  • Traffic (from January 1 to December 31)
    • 1.1 million visits (sessions)
    • 744k unique visitors
    • 1.9 million page views
    • 1min50 on average per visit
  • Community
    • 40k subscribers to our newsletter (both French and English)
    • 650+ followers on Twitter (7.2k for our French account)
    • 64k followers to our Youtube channel (in French)
    • 4.9k and 19k followers on Instagram and Facebook (both accounts are in French)
  • Revenue (from January 1st to December 31st)
    • $305k in revenue
    • Revenue to affiliate ratio of 86/14

Note: I’m sharing the 2022 figures but in reality the company’s fiscal year runs from April 1 to March 31. So the amounts will vary from what I share elsewhere (on the chart above for example).

Note 2: These figures do not include WPSitter. This is a sister company is independent from WPMarmite.

Win prizes to celebrate the 12 years of WPMarmite

You didn’t think this article was going to stop there?

To continue this little party in style, we want to go a little further this year with… a contest!

Along with several partners, we decided to create a raffle to help you create better websites, but not only that!

How can you participate? What do you need to do to win? Everything is detailed just below. ⬇️

That’s it for this anniversary post. I hope you enjoyed this article and it satisfied your curiosity.

Once again, thank you for your trust and your loyalty for all these years. If WPMarmite continues to evolve, it’s thanks to you!

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