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Everything You Need to Know about Instagram’s Threads for B2Bs

The digital grapevine has been buzzing about Instagram’s new feature, Threads. But what’s all the buzz about? What’s the difference between Instagram, Twitter, and Threads, anyway?

Let’s take a moment to dissect this newcomer’s flair and compare it to the OGs—Twitter (or should we say X!?) and Instagram:

Twitter, newly rebranded as ‘X,’ is the social media equivalent of a crowded bar where everyone’s competing to have the wittiest remark. It’s a real-time arena of trending topics, news, and rapid-fire conversations, where witty one-liners and concise updates reign supreme, appealing particularly to those seeking the pulse of the moment. With its freshly appointed overlord Elon Musk in command, X has been in the spotlight with its newly added features and visionary aspirations. As the platform navigates this exciting phase under Musk’s leadership, the tech world is watching closely, anticipating how these changes will shape the landscape of digital discourse and redefine the way we engage with real-time information.

Meanwhile, Instagram, where even your grandma’s cat photos can become high-art masterpieces, is where the magic of visual storytelling takes the stage. Instagram’s canvas is like a playground of wonders, inviting B2B brands to ditch the corporate monotony and show off their relatable, human side.

Through eye-catching visuals and engaging content, B2B companies can offer a glimpse behind the corporate curtain, humanizing their brand and building trust with younger audiences who crave authenticity. Whether it’s sharing behind-the-scenes glimpses, highlighting team members’ stories, or showcasing the impact of their products and services, Instagram allows B2B brands to infuse personality into their otherwise professional personas. 

And now there’s Threads, Instagram’s daring attempt at merging the swift, conversational charm of X with the glossy allure of Instagram. It’s like if X and Instagram had a love child and gave it a personality that’s as sassy as it is stylish. This new contender comes with the promise of weaving together texts, images, and even videos into a seamless thread of communication—perfect for B2B brands looking to put the “social” back in social media. 

Threads is your personal text-based runway, allowing B2B brands to strut their stuff, showcase their expertise, and bond with their audience on a more intimate level. So, whether you’re sharing industry tidbits, discussing B2B marketing trends, or playfully debating which office plant has the most personality, Threads offers B2Bs a chance to engage with their niche demographics and build thought leaders out of their executives.

Threads as a Thought Leadership Tool

Sure, brand narratives are essential. But in an age where the ‘human touch’ is becoming a premium, there’s a growing appetite for authentic, personal voices. Threads provides a new canvas for brands to go beyond company logos and curated brand images. By investing in the thought leadership following of your brand’s executives, B2Bs can foster deeper connections with their audience, elevate the credibility of their brand, and position themselves at the forefront of industry innovation and discourse.

So what should these executives be sharing? 

B2B executives can leverage Threads to share bite-sized industry analyses, comment on emerging trends, or even debunk myths. By consistently providing value in their threads, these leaders can cultivate a following of peers, professionals, and even competitors who respect and seek their opinions.

And they should remember: Threads isn’t just about sharing; it’s about storytelling. For executives with years or even decades in the industry, what better way to chronicle their journeys? From tales of early-career challenges to reflections on pivotal turning points, Threads can serve as a serialized memoir, punctuated with invaluable lessons for up-and-comers.

At its core, thought leadership is about trust. And trust stems from authenticity. As executives share their unique experiences and industry insights on Threads, they’re not just broadcasting; they’re building bridges. Bridges that connect them with a wider audience, eager to engage, learn, and collaborate.

Building a Threads Presence 

Threads might be the sparkling new jewel in Instagram’s crown, but like any dazzling treasure, it comes with its share of growing pains and eye-roll-worthy drawbacks, especially for those B2B brands lacking a bustling Instagram entourage. 

Imagine a grand entrance to a party filled with A-list celebrities—it’s hard to catch the spotlight when so many big names are joining the conversation. In the absence of a vibrant Instagram following, you could find yourself in a solo conversation, experiencing a distinct lack of engagement that other brands are gleefully boasting about. 

Building a Threads presence without an Instagram army feels a bit like watching a garden without any seeds sprout—patience, strategy, and a touch of zen are your tools as you await the digital bloom. 

5 Tips for Growing Your Threads Presence

  1. Curate Your Inner Circle

Just like a VIP event, you’ve got to curate your guest list. Threads is all about quality over quantity. Choose contacts who align with your business goals, potential clients, industry thought leaders, and, of course, the friend who always has the best memes. Keep it intimate, relevant, and oh-so-interesting.

  1. Engage with Intention

Threads is your chance to drop the small talk and dive deep into meaningful conversations. Share insights, industry news, and even throw in a well-placed GIF to keep things light. Engaging with intention not only builds relationships, but also positions you as a knowledgeable player in the field.

  1. Join the Conversation

While your instinct might be to start firing away your insightful blurbs, you may find more luck diving into popular buzzing threads with your audience. Sure—the behemoth brands and influencers might seem to be ruling the Threads kingdom—but why not leverage this to your own advantage? Focus on trending Threads on your For You page and use your brand’s personality and wit to make waves in the comments. You’ll soon see a tsunami of notifications coming your way!

  1. Showcase Your Expertise

Threads gives you a golden opportunity to flaunt your expertise. Share thought-provoking insights, discuss trends, and demonstrate your commitment to staying ahead of the curve. Friendly advice? Add a little spice to your post B2B social media marketing strategy with memes and shareable one-liners about your industry to stand out from the B2B crowd! 

  1. Consistency is King

Threads might seem like the lounge of Instagram, but don’t slack on consistency, especially while we’re still enjoying the early days of the app. Regular updates, responses, and shares keep your presence fresh and ensure that your inner circle looks forward to your insights as much as they look forward to their morning caffeine fix. Plus, you’re more likely to build a larger following this way.

Instagram Threads isn’t just a chat feature; it’s a dynamic stage where you can swap marketing tactics or discuss the latest in software development. Ready to dive into Threads? Reach out; we’d love to help!