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Introducing the New Visual Email Editor

Really exciting news: in just a few days, we’re releasing the new visual email editor, a brand new way to build and design your emails with FeedOtter.

With the new Visual Editor, you’ll get an even more streamlined workflow when customizing the elements of each email newsletter, using our WYSIWYG email editor.

Note: this feature only applies to Curated FeedOtter emails. It will not affect the Automated email builder flow.

Here’s a visual walkthrough to show how it looks:

How It Works:

When you’re in the curated email editor, all you have to do is click on the section that you want to edit to reveal the settings, which makes it incredibly easy to change subject lines, intro text, logos, and custom fields.

A Cleaner Interface

With the release of the new visual email builder, existing users will immediately notice a cleaner, more intuitive interface.

Some of the changes to look for include:

  • The Template, Custom, and Sender tabs are now combined into a single new tab labeled Customize, where you can simply click to select any customizable part of your email template, then edit it accordingly.
  • All of the email design templates will be found within the Customize area, via the button labeled Template Library.
  • Sender Info can also be edited in the Customize area, by clicking on the sender info at the top of the visual email builder.
  • To edit newsletter defaults like CTA text, template colors, and more, head over to the Settings menu item in the email builder.

A Note to Existing Users:

Please take the time to review these changes and connect with your team to ensure they are aware of these updates, as it will affect the existing workflow that you may be used to.

Hope you’re as excited about this new update as we are—looking forward to hearing how this improvement supports your email sending workflow.