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Bootstrap Icons: Everything You Need to Know

Bootstrap icons are an excellent way to add a touch of customization and context to your projects. The best part? Adding icons to your creations is simple, and so is getting started.

In this post, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about Bootstrap icons. You’ll learn more about how and why to use them, and how you can add them to your projects.

What are Bootstrap icons?

As a quick refresher, Bootstrap is a popular CSS framework. With the help of Bootstrap, creating responsive, mobile-first websites is simple. Bootstrap offers more than 1800 icons that you can use to customize your projects. And the best part? You can use Bootstrap icons with or without Bootstrap, so they’re highly versatile and guaranteed to work with whatever project you’re creating. And if you are a Figma user, you can also use these icons there.

Bootstrap icons are available in several formats, such as web fonts, SVG, or SVG sprite. You can use whichever works best for you. These icons are also an attractive option because they’re highly customizable. For instance, changing the color by simply applying the color property in CSS is easy. You can also alter the size of the Bootstrap icons you use in your project. This is possible thanks to the font-size property CSS offers.

How to Use Bootstrap Icons

The sky is the limit when learning how to use Bootstrap icons in your projects. You can use them as frequently — or infrequently — as you’d like. The appeal of using Bootstrap icons is that they can help make your project more digestible and offer users additional contextual information.

Because you can make an icon clickable, you may notice better conversion rates with icons than with plain text. Plus, icons can work wonders in making your site feel easier to navigate, which is great for user experience.

There are bountiful Bootstrap CSS icons to add context and customization to your projects. Whether you want to add an email icon, arrow, or social media platform icon to link to your account, there are endless possibilities of what you can create with these symbols. You may notice some similarities between Bootstrap icons and popular emojis.

You can check out the complete collection of Bootstrap icons you can use by visiting the library. Here are some examples:

So, how do you add Bootstrap CSS icons to your projects? The great news is that it’s pretty straightforward. Let’s walk through how to get started so you can begin harnessing the power of Bootstrap icons now.

How to Add Bootstrap Icons to Your Projects

Ready to add Bootstrap icons to your projects? Let’s get started. First, here’s the syntax you’ll use.

For example, say you want to include the bootstrap calendar icon in one of your projects.

The syntax you’d use would be:

You can find the icon’s name underneath it in the Bootstrap icon library. In addition, you can also change the size of these icons in Bootstrap. Using the calendar example, here’s the syntax you’d use to do so.

Of course, you can take this further and add color customization. To do so:

Start using Bootstrap icons to enhance user experience today.

As you can see, using Bootstrap CSS icons can work wonders in making your website more digestible and easier to navigate for users. Because of this, these icons can have a tremendous impact on your user experience.